Hello beautiful peeps 🙂 !

Welcome to Red Lips and Bangles! Introducing ourselves, Meril Jacob and Nimisha Kizhkkethara, two fashion-loving, makeup-crazy and adventure-seeking besties!  We started this blog to share our love for beautiful things and to inspire others to live colorfully.

Our passion for make-up and fashion all began four years ago in Austin. It all started with the perfect shade of RED lipstick (Ruby Woo)! A kind of red that is bold and bright, yet sexy and glamorous. A kind that makes the outfit. A kind that exudes confidence. A perfect shade for both of us!  It wasn’t easy at first to pull off such a daring color. As much as we loved the lipstick, it took some “Oo!”s, “Ah!”s and moral support from each other to wear it. Since then we have been continuously learning how to be more confident in our own skin and embrace our personal style.

Creating Red Lips and Bangles has been a dream for the last four years to share our love for make-up and fashion. But, dreams alone aren’t enough! We are here to HUSTLE everyday to make our DREAMS into REALITY  and to inspire others to “Be your own kind of beautiful!”

We want to encourage our wonderful followers to do whatever makes your soul happy! And NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS! Be a part of our journey by following our blog and sharing us in your social media. Here’s to making DREAMS HAPPEN one shoe at a time ;-)!


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