Printed Silhouette

The black and white print with purple hues of the dress is a perfect background for statement accessories. The bright, red bag gives a pop of color while the gold-toned jewelry adds a bit of glam to the look. Added simple black heels which grounds the whole look and elongates the leg. The make-up was kept minimal with simple eyes, but added a bright, red lip color to match up the bag.

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Flirty Twist

Although it’s still steaming in Texas, had to pair up this maroon skirt and black, lacey crop top to get the fall season started in the right way. The asymmetrical skirt is super fun and flirty and gives a lot of movement with every step. Pairing it with the lace top elevates the look from just casual to dressy. The accessories were kept at a minimum to highlight the outfit itself.

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Hey Honey! One-Ingredient Mask!

Honey is one of our go-to rescue products! Dry, oily, sensitive – it works for all! Honey is very hydrating and calming for any skin type, and its antibacterial properties help heel and soothe sensitive, acne-prone skin. We love to use it when the weather gets cold to quench parched skin or for those painful breakouts!

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